Successful Applications in heavy load test equipments such as drop hammers

Successful Applications in Amusement Equipments

Successful Applications in Logistics Stackers

Successful Applications in Powertrains

Successful Applications in BIW

Successful Applications in Automation Industries

Successful Applications in Stretch Blow Moulders

Gas Springs For Industry

  • Machine Tool Covers – Doors of Oil Filtration Units, EDM Wire Cut Machine
    Flap, Blood Analyser, Flaps of Various Machines
  • Genset / compressor Canopies
  • Control Panels – Doors of Control Panels
  • Textile Machines – Opening Machine Doors
  • Generator Canopies – Canopy Flap Opening
  • Printing Machines
  • Packaging Machines
  • Defence Applications
  • Wind Mill Cover
  • Counter Balancer For Tapping Machine Arms, Inspection Arms, ENT Microscope, Overhead Hospital Lamps, CNC Machine Arms
  • Marine Application
  • Material Handling Equipments – For Standing Platform, For Handle
  • Garbage Chutes & Garbage Handling Collection System From Multi Story Building
  • Metro Rail Application – Control Panels
  • Construction Equipments – Lifting Doors of Enclosed Cabinates

Segment Wise Application of Gas Rings

Automobile Spare Quality Lift Supports for all vehicle applications (hood, trunk, liftglass, tailgate)
Bus Body Luggage Compartment, Engine Flap, Roof top ventilators,Spl. Mobile Van
Construction Machinery Lifting Doors of enclosed cabinets
Control Panel Doors of various control panels
Furniture Overhead lofts, Cabinets,beds,Ventilators
Hospital Furniture Various beds, Operation Tables, Bed side Trolley, Lamps
Material Handling Equipments For Standing Platform, For Handle
Medical Equipements Dental Equipements, overhead hopsital lamps
Other Various equipements like tapping machine arms, CNC machine arms
Pharmaceutical machines For Door opening and closing applications
Passenger Seat Passenger seats, Theatre seats
Textile Spare Textile Machines opening applications
Tractor Seat Driver seat application
Vaccum Packing Machine For Vaccum packing machine application
Wave Soldering Machine Wave Soldering Machines door opening application